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Google Maps is a revolutionary program conceptualized by two Danish brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen and matured under the mastery of Google. An aggregation of assorted features has enabled Google Maps to become one of the most sought after mapping, navigation and route planner tool. Google Map provides a unique location-searching proposition that helps guide people to the correct destination within the optimal time, cost and effort. Users can intuitively change and alter destination while gauging the present traffic status.

Navigate your world with Google Maps and help potential customers reach your store venue without any hassles whatsoever. Google Maps provides precise direction, satellite images, as well as real-time traffic updates, road congestions, turns and bends, elevations, weather conditions, estimated cost and transport options. Google Maps provides ideal solutions for individuals as well as businesses to create a mark on the map. Track real-time traffic conditions, change the destination or create an alternate gateway route.

With increasing competition in business, displaying your store address on the “Contact Us” page might not be sufficient to draw visitors. With an increasing number of smartphone users, people prefer searching for locations right on their cellphones and a Google Map on your website helps in grabbing their quick attention. Our website features a simple “Do it yourself” guide that helps you to add a simple JavaScript code. The code in turn renders the Google Maps and produces detailed location data that helps anyone to navigate to the exact location.

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Why using the Google Map API could be a challenge?

Google Maps packs multiple features along with navigational abilities. Google Maps API integration into the website can be cumbersome for business users, especially if he/she lacks programing skills. Currently, Google offers a free standard API and another premium API. The API is available for the major platforms as well as for web. If users are well adept with programming and know their way in and out of code then this might provide a fun exercise but things can go wrong as well. Some business users go to the extent of hiring professional programmers to get the job done, thereby incurring an unnecessary cost overhead. Well, we have a simple solution.

Google Maps using embedded Java Script code

Embedding Google Maps on the other hand is a much easier process.

  • All a user needs to do is put in your store / event address that you want to display on the Map.
  • Hybrid, terrain and others – Choose your Map type.
  • Adjust the size of the Map that would suit your needs.
  • You may zoom the map if you want to.
  • Generate a specific Java Script specific code that can be easily placed on a website to create a customized Google Map.

The process is incredibly simple and can be performed by anyone without any mastery. Google Maps using embedded code is much easier to use as the complex coding or API program can be avoided. Our JavaScript is completely free and doesn’t require you to subscribe to anything. Just plug in your details and play the generator to add it. No more effort is required by the user.

Perfect Directions for all Websites

Google Maps don’t just provide location details for offices, and restaurants. It also serves the clubs and different other associations that may or may not be immensely popular. Google Maps also lists events, which are taking place on a particular calendar day. You could create a location pin and choose to display all those brilliant feedbacks and ratings received from host of happy customers you had. The moment the user hovers over your location pin, pictures pop out and show feedbacks of your store or venue.

Easy Map Embedding without Programming Skills

Our service eases the entire process of integrating Google Map onto his business website. We successfully abstract the internal complexities and provide you the ease of accessibility. The intuitive interface accepts the location details and enables users to set the Map zoom. You can style the look of the map. Now hit the generate button and copy the JavaScript code snippet to place it in the ideal location of your webpage. Our technology does not require users to be a programming maestro. Just post the correct location details and your custom code is ready for your website.

Detailed Location Plans

Google Maps uses images from satellites as well as stitches images that are available from panoramic cameras used by pedestrians. It also uses real time analytics to see how vehicles and pedestrians move and the path they take to traverse through to their destination. Google Maps provides the exact and detailed data for a location. The 3D digital globe can also be used on your website. Google Transit, when coupled with the Mapping interface could achieve sheer brilliance. Transport schedules, fare estimates, cost comparisons, optimum distance calculation, shortest route and time estimates for flights/car/bicycle or even walks. You get it all right on the map.

Still hesitating? Add Google Maps to Your Homepage!

Google Maps is one of the most important brand identity factors that businesses and individuals must not ignore. From a real estate dealer to a love struck couple everyone uses Google Maps for different reasons and they all do it in a single click. Simple and intuitive interface is all that is needed. Google Maps in homepage not only serves a one point contact option but also creates a positive sentiment among the visitors. It’s your chance of publishing your existence and brand value to the wide world out there. You stand tall on the Map and literally declare out – “Come and visit me. I am so easy to find.” Use our simple JavaScript code to have your customized Google Map effortlessly. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Contact - About Us